The Best Way To Maintain Your Outdoor Fountain

Make your outdoor water fountain last by doing the proper maintenance on it regularly. The heart & soul of any outdoor water fountain is the submersible pump. It doesn’t matter what size your fountain is or what material it is made of, or just how much it cost. The fountains pump is what makes it work.

There’s no big secret about the right way to look after your Outdoor Water Fountain, it is a bit more difficult than it is with taking care of an indoor water fountain, but with a bit of common sense & some basic know-how it is not that hard

Looking After Your Water Fountain Pump

An indoor water pump does require different maintenance than what you need for an outdoor water pump. For instance, your outdoor fountain pumps are more prone to become clogged with leaves etc that has been blown into your fountain by the wind.

If looked after appropriately, your fountain pump should last at least a year, if not 3 to 5 years. Keeping the pump running as much as possible can help to extend its life. Your water will also stay cleaner when you pump is working. Water that is not moving, stagnating, will develop more debris and buildup a lot faster than if it is kept moving.

Your filter inside your pump will start to develop a build up of debris as it filters the water passing through it. To clean the pump completely, take it out of the water fountain and clean away any debris or build-up with a cloth. Open the cover and wipe down the inside of the pump, too. Any places that are hard-to-reach can be cleaned out with an old tooth brush. Just a few minutes of pump upkeep will keep your fountain running smoothly and wonderfully for a very long time to come.

Using Outdoor Fountain Cleaners

For outdoor fountains Fountain Cleaners or Birdbath Cleaners work excellent since they are won’t harm the local wildlife and it is not always possible to get distilled water for the bigger outdoor fountains. Making use of a fountain care product will help to avoid white scale and algae build up that occurs due to the minerals in the water & hard water.

Copper Outdoor Water Fountains

You will find that most of the water fountains made from copper will be either manufactured from natural copper or they’ll have a clear or powder coat applied over the copper. All surfaces of the copper that is finished with a clear or powder coat a clear heat baked finish will then be applied. The powder coat secures the beautiful patina, and enables the copper to preserve its “New” & shiny appearance throughout the years.

Copper Cleaning Products should never be used on copper that has a powder coat finish. If you use a copper cleaning product on copper that has a powder coat finish it will remove the powder coat finish and then your fountain will start to show ageing faster. You can easily clean the copper with many home furniture cleaners and a soft sponge or cloth.

White spots (white scale) on your copper can be cleaned off with some Calcium Lime Remover (CLR). With outdoor water fountains a powder coating on copper does not totally stop the copper ageing process, but it does slow it down. Over time, the powder finish will come off the copper & this will allow the copper to oxidize naturally. The time it takes for the oxidization to start depends on the climate where you live.

You will need to be careful not to let any water rest on the copper for an extended period of time. To minimize the chance of this all outdoor fountains have a splash guard built in.

Stainless-Steel Outdoor Fountains

Taking care of stainless steel on an outdoor fountain is really easy to do as they virtually require no maintenance. Stainless Steel does not age the same way that copper does and has an exceptional resistance to rust. Due to the fact that stainless-steel is a smooth surface it is harder for any bacteria to be able to settle on it.

Do not use a harsh abrasive cleaner or any abrasive sponges or other abrasive cleansing products on your stainless-steel. Never use a disinfectant such as bleach or anything containing bleach on your stainless-steel either as it could gnaw at the stainless-steel. If you begin to see white scale build up on your fountain then using products such as No More White Scale can help.

I really hope you got some useful information for the best way to look after your outdoor water fountain.

Finding A Reputable Boiler Installation Company In Warrington

Gone are the times when anyone could install a new gas boiler for you. Today, any firm that offers a gas boiler replacement service in Cheshire or any where around the UK need to go through a thorough examination from the authorities tasked with gas safety. The justification for this is simple. Prior to the legislation it was identified that 2 out of 5 of all fires that destroyed family homes in the UK were caused by either wrongly positioned gas boilers, improperly sealed gas lines or shoddy work ethics. So regulations were introduced to prevent this from occurring again.

If you are looking into having a new gas boiler fitted in your house or property, it’s a good idea to acquaint yourself with the standard certifications that are required by the gas engineers of the boiler installation company that are going to be installing your brand-new gas boiler. Below are a few tips that might help you find a reputable company to install your boiler safely.

Are They On The Gas Safe Register?

Gas Safe register logoThe Gas Safe Register was formed in the UK in 2010 to replace the old and outdated CORGI gas standards. Being registered on the Gas Safe register is now a compulsory certification for all heating systems engineers hoping to install boilers in houses or deal with gas installations.

Each And Every Gas Safe Registered installer is issued a unique identity card, which has a serial number connected to their name and status. You can verify if the gas engineer or the boiler installation company is registered by looking up the Gas Safe register online and typing in the licence number of the boiler installer or the company.

If we choose the area of Warrington in Cheshire for our illustration, on the Gas Safe Register site if you input the postcode “WA4 6ED” you will see a list of all of the businesses in the Warrington region who are registered. If you search for “boiler installation Warrington” you will likely see a lot of firms websites. Legitimate Warrington gas boiler installation firms will provide their original Gas Safe register Id someplace on their web site. If a business doesn’t have their Gas Safe register ID on their web site then these gas boiler installation firms should be avoided as they may typically try to encourage you into using them by giving big discounts, compensating for their lack of credentials.

Do They Have Good Recommendations?

Some boiler firms could be Gas Safe registered, but their level of service is poor. Work ethics and individual standards of the boiler installer may impact the end result of the project, so always enquire about any references for recent gas boiler installations.

Are They A Registered Company With An Address?

Using Warrington as an example once again, there are over 2000 gas boiler firms listed on-line and if you check farther in to these “firms”, you will find that a lot of them are solitary plumbers operating as a company but they are not registered and do not have an address. Should something go wrong you’ll have no way out for the damages or breakdown. You can check to see if a business is registered by visiting Companies House, which holds all of the details for every registered company, and searching for the business name.

However, there are also a lot of professional companies who do deliver a gas boiler installation in Warrington and the Cheshire region that can be found on line. You’ll see that approximately 15% of the Warrington companies listed have professional business websites with all their qualifications fully noticeable and a selection of happy clients for you to see.

Do They Evaluate The Boiler Output Requirements For Your Home

Worcester Greenstar Gas BoilerOne of the main reasons for a boiler failure is that the boiler is overloaded with the heating systems demand. A professional boiler installation business will review your home’s requirements, go over your lifestyle and hot water use and then determine the appropriate type, version and scale of gas boiler for you and your spending plan.

For example, once Cosy Boiler Services, a Warrington boiler installation company, gets a call for a brand new gas boiler quotation, they don’t just give the quote over the call. Cosy Boiler Services Warrington will send out a fully certified, experienced and Gas Safe registered engineer to visit the customer and provide a detailed evaluation of their property gas boiler requirements free of charge before they offer the client a quotation for their brand new gas boiler installation.

For a test, we called a number of companies offering gas boiler fitting in Cheshire and requested a boiler quotation over the phone. The response was fascinating, with instant quotes given to us with no initial questions on the heating outputs needed. Once a quotation was suggested we then described the home’s requirements and one for one we got the firms back peddling on their quotations and trying to explain their oversight.

I really hope this guidance really helps and good luck with your brand new boiler.

uPVC Fascia And Soffits – Why Invest In Them?

Conventional fascias on buildings have typically been installed using wood, however, as a result of the environmental costs and awareness most recently a lot of people are beginning to favour uPVC fascias and soffits.

Why Choose uPVC Over Wood?

There are a number of reasons that property owners are starting to opt for uPVC fascias and soffits over the traditional wood ones. Firstly they are less expensive in comparison to wood ones and they will also normally last a lot longer.

A Rotten Fascia Board that had been capped on a house in Denby Dale Wakefield West YorkshireAn additional reason for buying uPVC fascia boards is that there are a great deal fewer repairs and maintenance called for, hardwood fascias should be repainted on a yearly basis whereas since the uPVC planks are weatherproof the most you have to do with uPVC fascia and soffit boards is to basically clean them annually with some soapy water to help them keep their look.

Choice Of Colours And Styles To Suit Your Property

Due to advances in modern technology such as Freefoams Colormax® technology where they use specially chosen stabilisers and colour pigments to create uPVC products in a wide variety of colour’s that retain their true colour for many years and you can also get fascia & soffit boards that simulate the effect of wood allowing you to compliment the colour or appeal of your home. Metal and aluminium fascia and soffit boards are also available on the market, however, you don’t get the colour range of uPVC panels plus they tend to be more expensive. Also, the manufacturers of the metal and aluminium fascia and soffit boards do not give the same length of guarantee as with uPVC. Yorkshire Roofline Installations are a Freefoam Registered Installer and are able to offer their clients the industry-leading Freefoam 50 year Lifetime Guarantee on their uPVC products.

To Repair Or Replace?

There are still numerous people that will choose to restore their existing wooden fascia & soffit boards but today the costs of changing the existing fascias & soffits as opposed to mending it are nearly just the same, depending on the overall size of your property when time and building materials are taken into account.

Popular Trends In Home Design And Appliances For 2018

Latest Trends In Home Appliances

If you don’t want your home to become tired and dated looking, it is important to keep up with the latest trends in home design and appliances. Below is a list of some of the top trends for the 2018 season. Try incorporating some of these ideas into your own home to keep it looking fresh and modern.

1. Minimalistic style. 

Most designers are leaning toward a more minimalistic style, foregoing ornate or over-the-top designs in favour of simple, clean lines in your home. For instance, the most popular cabinet styles in 2018 are sleek and simple, often featuring flat fronts with plain metal handles. In some cases, they don’t even have handles, helping to create an even smoother, more minimalistic design.


2. Integrated storage. 

In keeping with the shift toward minimalism, kitchen designers have been finding ways to incorporate hidden storage into the overall design. For instance, many modern kitchens have a large cabinet that is specifically used for storing small appliances. This helps keep the countertops free from clutter, creating a cleaner, sleeker look in the kitchen.

3. Smart technology. 

Today, you can find more kitchen fixtures and appliances than ever that incorporate smart technology. For instance, you can get a faucet with a motion sensor that automatically turns on when you put your hands under it. You can also get appliances that help automate everything from making coffee to doing the dishes.

4. Durable, simple countertops. 

Although granite and marble countertops are still popular, more and more people are shifting toward quartz, concrete, or other durable materials that provide a clean, modern look. Today’s quartz countertops have come a long way from when they were first introduced. You can now find them in just about every colour of the rainbow. Additionally, you can get them in a variety of different patterns, some of which are designed to mimic the look of other types of natural stone. This can allow you to take advantage of the durability of quartz while still enjoying the beautiful look of granite or marble.

These are some of the most popular trends in home and kitchen appliances for 2018. If you don’t want your home to start looking outdated, you should try to incorporate some of these trends into your home. Keeping your home fresh and modern is a great way to help it retain its value while at the same time creating a space where you love to live.

The Correct Placement Of Trees In Landscape Design

Landscape design as well as landscape layout goes beyond simply producing stunning styles. As a specialist designer, it’s not just my task to develop styles but also to imagine every opportunity of the mature landscape in the later years.

And while many components will stay exactly what they are for several years ahead, the one point that many do it yourselfers and also some specialists ignore is the room that small little sprouts will occupy when they end up being fully grown plants and also trees.

Trees offer a variety of apparent objectives in the landscape. Creating colour, wind blocks, fencing and edging, noise reduction, as well as focal points are simply a few of them. Once I have established where I’ll require trees for these objectives in a design, I have a number of other factors to consider before I could plant them in their long-term home.

Planting them without thinking about the actual space that the fully grown plants and trees will occupy can be not only unsightly and inconvenient but it can also become expensive if they need removing or cutting back.

Some ideas to think about before planting your trees.

Shading For Children’s Play Areas

You might be thinking of having a nice shaded cover over your children’s play areas, sand boxes, etc. to protect them from the mid-day sun. However, you have to think about the amount of mess that the birds as well as other animals will drop right into your child’s play area if the trees cover extends over it.

One solution to this would be to put trees which will create a large shade away from the play area but in line with the rising of the sun. If you know your trees and how far the fully grown canopy will extend, you can still get the shade onto the area without exposing it to unhygienic conditions.

Planting Trees Around Ponds And Pools

Keeping a pond or a pool tidy is hard enough without a having to deal with the mess of fallen leaves and branches. And also while most pool areas are warm places, it is often preferable to have an area near the swimming pool where you can sit in the shade.

Unlike your children’s play area however, you might not want to shade the entire pool area from the afternoon sun. Consequently you should not grow large shade trees in direct line with the travel of the sun. It would be better to design it so as to create a shaded area to one side of the pool or the other. This is also another area where you will want to eliminate top rooting trees around concrete. Around ponds and pools Evergreen trees are usually your best bet

Concrete Foundations, Footings And Tree Roots

While infrequent deep watering rather than constant shallow watering will help to deter top rooting trees, some trees will still be determined to look for other sources of water, such as moist areas under structures.

The roots of big trees are a so powerful that they can quite easily lift up flagstones, damage paths and the foundations on buildings, as well as lift walls out of place, making them structurally unsafe. This is the one of the biggest and also the most costly error I see regularly. Before planting a tree near your property you need to know how it will grow in the future, above and below the soil.

Underground and Over Head Utilities And Power Lines

You need to be aware of what is overhead prior to planting a tall growing trees so that it will not eventually grow into overhead power lines.

You also need to be aware of underground utilities, such as sewers, and septic tanks
Know what’s overhead. Apart from the fact that the roots can break pipes and lines, you don’t want to have to move or destroy a mature tree to fix a leak. Prior to planning where to plant your tree locate any sewers and lines and plant away from them. Some trees will spread their roots out much further underground than their branches will do up top.

What Is The Viewpoint

You have to look at the mature size of trees in proportion to the size of your home and the other aspects of your landscape design. If you have a little house it would be overshadowed by large trees, whereas small trees would look like bushes if they were planted around a huge house.

Are You Looking To Conceal Or Framing Your Home.

Prior to planting you need to take a look at the view from the road and various other areas, and then think about the objective of your trees. If you are wanting to seclude your house, then you don’t need put a lot of thought into it. However, if you are looking to frame your house, then again you need to consider what is the fully grown size as well as the positioning of your trees.

Effectiveness And Also Value For Money

If you are going to make an investment in landscaping your garden, then you need to look for ways that it will benefit you for years to come. When positioned correctly, large trees can shade your house as well as help to reduce your heating costs as well as vice versa. You can purposefully create shaded areas in your garden, segment your garden, minimise noise and a lot more, if you spend the time to give it some thought.

For more information on Landscaping with trees contact George Gammon Tree Services UK Tree Surgeons Leeds

Can I Build My Extension Without Scaffolding Or By Using My Own Boards?

When To Use Scaffolding

If you need scaffolding, then hire a professional company to come in and install it. This has several advantages over attempting to build and secure scaffolding for yourself.

House Scaffolding

Many houses are built every day without any scaffolding. Why? Because the exterior framing can be crafted and raised into place without having much height off the ground. The same is basically true for building an addition or an extension on a house.

Though, consider the potential inefficiencies and pitfalls of not having scaffolding in place for the window installation, the roofing and the siding. Without scaffolding, 1. it risks life and limb of workers, and 2. makes the work take a lot longer.

What happens, by comparison, when contractors are set to work on the outside of a home without scaffolding is the use of ladders. Every time they complete one sliver of the siding, the contractors have to climb back down the ladder, move the ladder, and grab more materials.

With scaffolding they simply walk to the next spot, where they can grab the materials that are right next to them. It’s more efficient. For the purposes of constructing a building, the same efficiency is built into having scaffolding. Though, the contractors are only efficient as long as they are kept safe.

That means that the scaffolding, which must be secured properly and safely. Otherwise, do not bother. They would be safer using ladders and their own power than having someone who is on a do it yourself tear trying to roll the dice on their lives building scaffolding for the first time.

Hire Professionals

There are other reasons to hire professionals to build scaffolding. While you are paying good money to have them get it right, they are liable if something goes wrong. They carry insurance against their own potential mistakes that could cost lives, limb, and property damage to your building.

Better Efficiency
In a sense, when you are having an extension on a building constructed, you are automatically to assume a type of management role. While it may sound alluring to try the work yourself to cut costs, it’s actually inefficient and costs more money in the long run.

The reason is that you are not going to have the advantage of perspective, and can no longer see the forest for the trees. The danger in that is that you are not going to see when potential issues arise and handle them. You will be too busy building scaffolding. Hire professionals instead like a company i have used before Yorkshire Scaffolding Hire.

Avoiding Construction Injuries

The construction industry is well known for having the highest risk of sustaining an injury at work. The Health And Safety Executive (HSE), have brought in stringent guidelines and regulations to reduce the number of injuries and especially fatalities from workplace injuries. If someone is injured in their workplace then the HSE will investigate and take the company to court if they have been found to be not abiding by the regulations, as noted in these 3 cases this year.

Construction company fined after worker fell 6 meters ( Nov 2016)

A worker was repairing a fibreboard roof of a barn and using two homemade crawling boards when he fell 6meters on to the floor below, sustaining serious injuries to his head, hip, and lungs.

Construction firm fined after hoarding falls on passer-by (Oct 2016)

A construction company from Cambridge has been fined after temporary hoarding from one of their sites fell onto a member of public walking along the high street.

Council fined after employee was injured from fall (Oct 2016)

A Yorkshire council has been fined after an employee was injured when he fell from a ladder.

The above reports can be found on the Health And Safety Executive website

In all of the cases above the management teams had failed in their roles to ensure that the employees were adhering to the HSE regulations for the job they were undertaking.

Apart from the danger building sites, whether new builds or even just maintenance work on an existing house, are just the same any other workplace in the UK. Management expect the employees to work as quickly, efficiently, as is possible, and of course producing faultless work to a high standard.  But to reach these ideals we need to ensure that firstly our employees are kept up to date with the latest regulations and training for their skill set. A lot of companies do not like spending money on training as they look on it as an expense and not an investment. Those that do tend to find that they lose less man days due to their employees not taking as many sick days through injury

The second point is to ensure that all of the equipment that our employees are going to be using meets all regulations and that it is being utilised in the way the manufacturer designed it to be.

These are just two points, but they will go along way to helping your employees be more productive and also ensuring you are not the company being taken to court by the HSE for failing in your duties to your employees.


Do Roofing Materials Make a Difference?

Residetial-Building-1024x685If you are wondering does it really matter if you choose one roofing material over another while making your plans to build a better roof the answer is a resounding: YES!

Different roofing materials mean different things to the longevity, quality, and environmental friendliness of your roof as well as your own personal opinion of the roof. Whether we like to admit it or not, the type of roof on our home or building impact on how well we like the overall look of it.

Aesthetics of The Roof

There will have been a time when you have looked at a great looking house which had a horrible roof. You will have been left wondering what is it that you really don’t like about this house that would otherwise have been perfect.

Then on the other hand there is the plain looking house which has a really nice tile or slate roof that makes you take a second look when nothing else about the house would have caught your eye. Roofing materials can make a difference in how much or how little you like an entire building. If your are not sure then prove it to yourself. Take a walk or drive into town and find some houses you like and some houses that you don’t. Now, check out the roof on each of the houses and see if you notice any similarities between the roofs on the houses you do like and the roofs on the houses you do not like. I bet you will be surprised at what you find.

Carbon Footprint of Your Roof

If you fit the right type of roof it can help to make your home more energy efficient and therefore greener. Having the right type of roof fitted can make a big difference on how much it costs to heat or even cool your home. When we lower the energy consumption it also lowers the amount of waste produced when the energy is created. Roofing materials, like slate or tile have a long life cycle, meaning that you do not need to remove or replace them as frequently. Another option roofs that are made of metal can be recycled when removed or replaced. Metal roofs can also be installed over your existing roof which again reduces the amount of waste created.

Longevity Of Your Roof

When you think about the costs involved in roofing a house with the long lasting roofing materials, such as tile and slate, and then compare it to the cost of frequently replacing your roof, you will probably find that in the long run it is more cost effective to use the likes of tile and slate. Obviously this is only a good investment plan if you are intending to stay in where you are for quite a while. Otherwise the new owners will be getting a nice bonus from you when you do sell it on.

In conclusion, roofing materials will make a big difference in your home and should be considered carefully whether you are building a new home or simply replacing your existing roof.


Be Aware Of The Facts When Building Your Own Home

When building your new home, careful planning is vital if you want a positive outcome. It’s important to choose builders you can trust and to have extreme keen attention to detail throughout the whole building project. Before you start you need to consider the future and what might happen? Is there a chance your family is going to get bigger? Will you be holding dinner party’s etc? You could have a good idea of how you want your house to look or the actual amount of sq. ft. you need, but there are a few specifics that are most often missed when people are building new homes.

The Air conditioning system in your home can be a crucial detail that you really do not want to forget. If the air conditioning system is isn’t carefully designed you might end up having mold or mildew, or a variety of other problems. You need to pick an air conditioning system that is big enough to take care of your homes sq footage and is also installed correctly for optimum energy conservation and ventilation. You could also consider a system to keep the air clean as well. The air inside your house is over twice as dirty as the air outside due to the use of cleaners, cooking and other factors. Using a home air filtration system that is designed to keep the air clean and fresh, the air quality inside your home could be improved significantly.

Bedroom_MitchamStorage space is usually one of the main things that gets over looked. It is very easy to organise for an area of sq footage, but how much of that area will be used for storage? In the bedroom for instance do you want a walk in wardrobe or would you prefer a larger bedroom? You also need to take into consideration how big you will need the lined cupboard and pantry to be. You obviously do not want the amount of storage space to take over the house but you do need to consider just how much storage space you will need.

There is also no excuse for having poor lighting in a newly built house. There should obviously be plenty of lights in each room, but equally there should also be plenty windows and skylights in the rooms. When you have natural light coming into a room it not only brightens the rooms up but us also use a lot less electricity. An amazing number of houses do not have enough light in them.

Added rooms over and above the number of bedrooms you require are another thing to be aware of. Think about whether you would actually use a games room or work out room. One idea might be to make some rooms multi purpose, like a combination games room and guest room, at least then you can be sure that the room will actually be used. Another thing to take into account is the placement of your laundry area. Some people prefer to have their laundry area in the farthest out of the way area as possible, others like it close to their bedrooms. When you consider your bedrooms you want to be placing them as far as possible from noisy areas like the sitting room and kitchen.

One thing not to do is to let the development team try to influence what it is you require. You are the better judge of what you and your family needs the most. Obviously you can take suggestions that they make into consideration, but make sure that what you want is foremost. Building a new home is a very time consuming and lengthy process, and you need to be certain that you will get what you want at the end of the day. The beauty about having your home built by Ticknall and Derby is that everything is done by us, so you only have one person to talk to and organise things with. Nothing will get lost in the Chinese whispers between independent architects and builders. All of our teams work with one set of documents, so everyone has the same information.


Mosaic Tiles For Your Bathroom – Imagining the Possibilities

Mosaic Floor - Best Property Development Tilers LeedsWhen it comes to home improvement on any scale, it’s important to look at all your options before implementing anything. This is true for any room, but especially for the bathroom. Normally once you have been in a house for awhile you will more than likely want to upgrade or remodel your bathroom. Before jumping straight in you need to consider all the different alternatives you could use. One quite interesting thing that you should consider is utilising the creativity of mosaic tiles for livening up your tired old bathroom.

Above all, the greatest tip that I can give you from the following is for you to take your time. Be patient and be sure that you are being hasty in any step of the process. If you try to speed through or cut corners, you might find yourself spending a lot more than what you bargained for, or ending up with the wrong option and now hating your bathroom. So remember take your time and the first thing to start off with is to set your budget. Having a budget will give you the peace of mind that you know what you can afford to spend and it will let you know which to get for your bathroom floor and walls.

With mosaic tiles before you contemplate starting anything you need to have the design worked out. Even if you are using contract tilers make certain you have a full idea of what the result will look like, even have it drawn out. If you fail to visualise what the end result will look like, you might end up having something you do not like, and that would be a catastrophe. Being pleased with the end result of this job will be determined as to how much preparation you put in beforehand.

Texture-Mosaic-tiles-1353572835_50When picking your tiles, make sure that you select the right ones to go with your suite Do not just choose the first ones you come across and definitely don’t decide on them because they are the cheapest. You need to find whats in your budget and can offer the most compelling design aesthetics for you. Without this step you will not get the best from your redesign of your bathroom. This is where you need to take your time, looking and visualising until you find what you really want. Remember the more you put in at this stage the better the outcome.

Producing powerful designs with mosaic tiles is definitely not an easy task at first. The majority of people do not understand just how complex it can get and therefore assume that the choices are easy. If you keep that in mind and allow yourself to go through all of the available options, and only pick what you think will work best in your home. If you find that you are stuck, hire professional tilers who can walk you through all the options available and come up with ideas together. By taking your time weighing up your choices and planning, you are definitely going to make the right decision for your bathroom.

Designing Your Dream Home


Whether you are new to an area or you just want to own your own dream home, designing your own home may be the best way for you to proceed. Designing your own home is a lot of hard work and can be stressful, but having the right resedential builders will make it all worth it in the end. Following the steps below should give you a hand in getting to your dream home.

Find A Good Architect

The first thing you need to do is have your initial consultation with a local reputable architect who can give you a good start in the process. He will help you think through your concept from dream to reality. If you are short of ideas you can get some ideas to take to this consultation, by visiting homes in some of your favorite neighborhoods and visit open houses or model homes in these areas. This will help you learn what you like and dislike. Take notes and pictures, if you can, so that you can show them to your architect and your builders later. Obviously if you decide to have Ticknall and Derby build your home for you there is no need for a seperate architect, our Design And Build team will take care of everything for you. From your initial thoughts and drawings to the last screw in the doors.

Organise Your Thoughts

The next thing you need to do is organise your dreams. Have several sheets of paper on hand, or better yet, a graphing notebook where you can gather thoughts as you see them in your mind. You can sketch, put pictures, quotes, and a list of area home builders and contractors, as well as any other information that may be pertinent to your project. Know what the items are that you “must have” and the features that are a “would be nice,” and list them accordingly.

Now you need to decide whether you want your home built in the city or in the country, whether you want it to be spacious or compact, or if you want to have a “green” home or a standard designed home. These things all play a factor in your budget so that you can be guided in the direction that you need to go. These are all things that your builders need to know so that they know what supplies to get and how much they can spend on them.

Build Your Dream Home

Once you have determined where you want to live and have chosen your location, you can start developing the exact design. This is where you will need to meet with your architect once again and give him your final sketches so that he can turn your dream home into a reality. He will be able to give you a rough design before your project is begun so that you can approve anything before the final floor plan is drawn up.

There are no guarantees that there will not be mistakes, but if you consult a professional first, you can avoid some of the potential pit falls in the building process. This will also help you stay within your budget so that you don’t spend more money than is necessary.

Be patient and take as much time as you need. This allows you to get it all just right as you only have one opportunity to build that home of your dreams.


Geotechnical Engineering, Soil Check In Building New Homes

There are so many types of engineering but Geotechnical Engineering is one that can help in building homes. This is actually a branch of civil engineering which is concerned with the engineering behavior of different earth materials. Geotechnical Engineering uses the principles of both soil mechanics and rock mechanics when investigating subsurface materials and conditions.

What Are Soil Examinations

When it comes to construction and building homes, one of the things that need to be done is a Geotechnical Engineering soil examinination. After finding somewhere to build a new house or set of homes, you first need to make sure that the soil you are going to be building on will properly support the house or houses for the forseeable future. For this job you need to find a Geotechnical engineering company that is able to provide you with qualified soil engineers who can analyse the soil. After the analysis the engineer will be able to tell you whether or not the soil meets the standards for the particular building plans.

Well_spudder_8606Soil Testing – Soil Bores And Probes

Before you start the digging for the foundations, you need to do initial soil testing with soil borings. A large boring machine will be used to bore holes right down to the depth of the footings. Some of the soil is then removed and sent to a lab to be analysed with special geotechnical engineering software. This initial soil boring analyse is an effective way to be able to find out what the subsurface of the ground looks like before you start the build.

If the boring test comes back as good then once the foundations have been dug out the Geotechnical Engineering soil examination can take place. It has to be done after the digging of the foundation and before the footing is formed. The engineer will examine and probe the soil in all the spots under the house footings. He will them give you his evaluation report outlining if the soil has the correct bearing capacity.

When you are getting the soil examined, the soil engineer will require your building plans. The building plan will show him the width and the depth of the footings you are working on for the project. He will look at the plan and using specific soil design criteria he will check that the size of the footings are correct.

What Next?

What if the soil turns out to be no good? If the soil examination reveals that the soil is bad, the Geotechnical Engineering Consultants will be able to give you some recommendations and suggestions in how to fix those soil spots that are not right. Some of the possible suggestions that they might give can include:
* Installation of wider or thicker footings
* Remove the bad soil spot and replace it with stone.

Obviously if the soil is bad than any suggestions from the consultants could have an impact on your budget for the build.