Finding A Reputable Boiler Installation Company In Warrington

Gone are the times when anyone could install a new gas boiler for you. Today, any firm that offers a gas boiler replacement service in Cheshire or any where around the UK need to go through a thorough examination from the authorities tasked with gas safety. The justification for this is simple. Prior to the legislation it was identified that 2 out of 5 of all fires that destroyed family homes in the UK were caused by either wrongly positioned gas boilers, improperly sealed gas lines or shoddy work ethics. So regulations were introduced to prevent this from occurring again.

If you are looking into having a new gas boiler fitted in your house or property, it’s a good idea to acquaint yourself with the standard certifications that are required by the gas engineers of the boiler installation company that are going to be installing your brand-new gas boiler. Below are a few tips that might help you find a reputable company to install your boiler safely.

Are They On The Gas Safe Register?

Gas Safe register logoThe Gas Safe Register was formed in the UK in 2010 to replace the old and outdated CORGI gas standards. Being registered on the Gas Safe register is now a compulsory certification for all heating systems engineers hoping to install boilers in houses or deal with gas installations.

Each And Every Gas Safe Registered installer is issued a unique identity card, which has a serial number connected to their name and status. You can verify if the gas engineer or the boiler installation company is registered by looking up the Gas Safe register online and typing in the licence number of the boiler installer or the company.

If we choose the area of Warrington in Cheshire for our illustration, on the Gas Safe Register site if you input the postcode “WA4 6ED” you will see a list of all of the businesses in the Warrington region who are registered. If you search for “boiler installation Warrington” you will likely see a lot of firms websites. Legitimate Warrington gas boiler installation firms will provide their original Gas Safe register Id someplace on their web site. If a business doesn’t have their Gas Safe register ID on their web site then these gas boiler installation firms should be avoided as they may typically try to encourage you into using them by giving big discounts, compensating for their lack of credentials.

Do They Have Good Recommendations?

Some boiler firms could be Gas Safe registered, but their level of service is poor. Work ethics and individual standards of the boiler installer may impact the end result of the project, so always enquire about any references for recent gas boiler installations.

Are They A Registered Company With An Address?

Using Warrington as an example once again, there are over 2000 gas boiler firms listed on-line and if you check farther in to these “firms”, you will find that a lot of them are solitary plumbers operating as a company but they are not registered and do not have an address. Should something go wrong you’ll have no way out for the damages or breakdown. You can check to see if a business is registered by visiting Companies House, which holds all of the details for every registered company, and searching for the business name.

However, there are also a lot of professional companies who do deliver a gas boiler installation in Warrington and the Cheshire region that can be found on line. You’ll see that approximately 15% of the Warrington companies listed have professional business websites with all their qualifications fully noticeable and a selection of happy clients for you to see.

Do They Evaluate The Boiler Output Requirements For Your Home

Worcester Greenstar Gas BoilerOne of the main reasons for a boiler failure is that the boiler is overloaded with the heating systems demand. A professional boiler installation business will review your home’s requirements, go over your lifestyle and hot water use and then determine the appropriate type, version and scale of gas boiler for you and your spending plan.

For example, once Cosy Boiler Services, a Warrington boiler installation company, gets a call for a brand new gas boiler quotation, they don’t just give the quote over the call. Cosy Boiler Services Warrington will send out a fully certified, experienced and Gas Safe registered engineer to visit the customer and provide a detailed evaluation of their property gas boiler requirements free of charge before they offer the client a quotation for their brand new gas boiler installation.

For a test, we called a number of companies offering gas boiler fitting in Cheshire and requested a boiler quotation over the phone. The response was fascinating, with instant quotes given to us with no initial questions on the heating outputs needed. Once a quotation was suggested we then described the home’s requirements and one for one we got the firms back peddling on their quotations and trying to explain their oversight.

I really hope this guidance really helps and good luck with your brand new boiler.