The Best Way To Maintain Your Outdoor Fountain

Make your outdoor water fountain last by doing the proper maintenance on it regularly. The heart & soul of any outdoor water fountain is the submersible pump. It doesn’t matter what size your fountain is or what material it is made of, or just how much it cost. The fountains pump is what makes it work.

There’s no big secret about the right way to look after your Outdoor Water Fountain, it is a bit more difficult than it is with taking care of an indoor water fountain, but with a bit of common sense & some basic know-how it is not that hard

Looking After Your Water Fountain Pump

An indoor water pump does require different maintenance than what you need for an outdoor water pump. For instance, your outdoor fountain pumps are more prone to become clogged with leaves etc that has been blown into your fountain by the wind.

If looked after appropriately, your fountain pump should last at least a year, if not 3 to 5 years. Keeping the pump running as much as possible can help to extend its life. Your water will also stay cleaner when you pump is working. Water that is not moving, stagnating, will develop more debris and buildup a lot faster than if it is kept moving.

Your filter inside your pump will start to develop a build up of debris as it filters the water passing through it. To clean the pump completely, take it out of the water fountain and clean away any debris or build-up with a cloth. Open the cover and wipe down the inside of the pump, too. Any places that are hard-to-reach can be cleaned out with an old tooth brush. Just a few minutes of pump upkeep will keep your fountain running smoothly and wonderfully for a very long time to come.

Using Outdoor Fountain Cleaners

For outdoor fountains Fountain Cleaners or Birdbath Cleaners work excellent since they are won’t harm the local wildlife and it is not always possible to get distilled water for the bigger outdoor fountains. Making use of a fountain care product will help to avoid white scale and algae build up that occurs due to the minerals in the water & hard water.

Copper Outdoor Water Fountains

You will find that most of the water fountains made from copper will be either manufactured from natural copper or they’ll have a clear or powder coat applied over the copper. All surfaces of the copper that is finished with a clear or powder coat a clear heat baked finish will then be applied. The powder coat secures the beautiful patina, and enables the copper to preserve its “New” & shiny appearance throughout the years.

Copper Cleaning Products should never be used on copper that has a powder coat finish. If you use a copper cleaning product on copper that has a powder coat finish it will remove the powder coat finish and then your fountain will start to show ageing faster. You can easily clean the copper with many home furniture cleaners and a soft sponge or cloth.

White spots (white scale) on your copper can be cleaned off with some Calcium Lime Remover (CLR). With outdoor water fountains a powder coating on copper does not totally stop the copper ageing process, but it does slow it down. Over time, the powder finish will come off the copper & this will allow the copper to oxidize naturally. The time it takes for the oxidization to start depends on the climate where you live.

You will need to be careful not to let any water rest on the copper for an extended period of time. To minimize the chance of this all outdoor fountains have a splash guard built in.

Stainless-Steel Outdoor Fountains

Taking care of stainless steel on an outdoor fountain is really easy to do as they virtually require no maintenance. Stainless Steel does not age the same way that copper does and has an exceptional resistance to rust. Due to the fact that stainless-steel is a smooth surface it is harder for any bacteria to be able to settle on it.

Do not use a harsh abrasive cleaner or any abrasive sponges or other abrasive cleansing products on your stainless-steel. Never use a disinfectant such as bleach or anything containing bleach on your stainless-steel either as it could gnaw at the stainless-steel. If you begin to see white scale build up on your fountain then using products such as No More White Scale can help.

I really hope you got some useful information for the best way to look after your outdoor water fountain.