Do Roofing Materials Make a Difference?

Residetial-Building-1024x685If you are wondering does it really matter if you choose one roofing material over another while making your plans to build a better roof the answer is a resounding: YES!

Different roofing materials mean different things to the longevity, quality, and environmental friendliness of your roof as well as your own personal opinion of the roof. Whether we like to admit it or not, the type of roof on our home or building impact on how well we like the overall look of it.

Aesthetics of The Roof

There will have been a time when you have looked at a great looking house which had a horrible roof. You will have been left wondering what is it that you really don’t like about this house that would otherwise have been perfect.

Then on the other hand there is the plain looking house which has a really nice tile or slate roof that makes you take a second look when nothing else about the house would have caught your eye. Roofing materials can make a difference in how much or how little you like an entire building. If your are not sure then prove it to yourself. Take a walk or drive into town and find some houses you like and some houses that you don’t. Now, check out the roof on each of the houses and see if you notice any similarities between the roofs on the houses you do like and the roofs on the houses you do not like. I bet you will be surprised at what you find.

Carbon Footprint of Your Roof

If you fit the right type of roof it can help to make your home more energy efficient and therefore greener. Having the right type of roof fitted can make a big difference on how much it costs to heat or even cool your home. When we lower the energy consumption it also lowers the amount of waste produced when the energy is created. Roofing materials, like slate or tile have a long life cycle, meaning that you do not need to remove or replace them as frequently. Another option roofs that are made of metal can be recycled when removed or replaced. Metal roofs can also be installed over your existing roof which again reduces the amount of waste created.

Longevity Of Your Roof

When you think about the costs involved in roofing a house with the long lasting roofing materials, such as tile and slate, and then compare it to the cost of frequently replacing your roof, you will probably find that in the long run it is more cost effective to use the likes of tile and slate. Obviously this is only a good investment plan if you are intending to stay in where you are for quite a while. Otherwise the new owners will be getting a nice bonus from you when you do sell it on.

In conclusion, roofing materials will make a big difference in your home and should be considered carefully whether you are building a new home or simply replacing your existing roof.