uPVC Fascia And Soffits – Why Invest In Them?

Conventional fascias on buildings have typically been installed using wood, however, as a result of the environmental costs and awareness most recently a lot of people are beginning to favour uPVC fascias and soffits.

Why Choose uPVC Over Wood?

There are a number of reasons that property owners are starting to opt for uPVC fascias and soffits over the traditional wood ones. Firstly they are less expensive in comparison to wood ones and they will also normally last a lot longer.

A Rotten Fascia Board that had been capped on a house in Denby Dale Wakefield West YorkshireAn additional reason for buying uPVC fascia boards is that there are a great deal fewer repairs and maintenance called for, hardwood fascias should be repainted on a yearly basis whereas since the uPVC planks are weatherproof the most you have to do with uPVC fascia and soffit boards is to basically clean them annually with some soapy water to help them keep their look.

Choice Of Colours And Styles To Suit Your Property

Due to advances in modern technology such as Freefoams Colormax® technology where they use specially chosen stabilisers and colour pigments to create uPVC products in a wide variety of colour’s that retain their true colour for many years and you can also get fascia & soffit boards that simulate the effect of wood allowing you to compliment the colour or appeal of your home. Metal and aluminium fascia and soffit boards are also available on the market, however, you don’t get the colour range of uPVC panels plus they tend to be more expensive. Also, the manufacturers of the metal and aluminium fascia and soffit boards do not give the same length of guarantee as with uPVC. Yorkshire Roofline Installations are a Freefoam Registered Installer and are able to offer their clients the industry-leading Freefoam 50 year Lifetime Guarantee on their uPVC products.

To Repair Or Replace?

There are still numerous people that will choose to restore their existing wooden fascia & soffit boards but today the costs of changing the existing fascias & soffits as opposed to mending it are nearly just the same, depending on the overall size of your property when time and building materials are taken into account.