Building a new home or remodeling your old home are major investments and worse than that they can also cause tremendous problems and headaches for the inexperienced.

The old procedure of the home owners trying to handle the individual designers, specialty contractors, architects and all the other different craftsmen and suppliers that it takes to build a home frequently complicated their  home remodeling. The most typical problems with that strategy were both miscommunication and misunderstandings, causing delivery’s to be off schedule which can hold a project up for weeks if not months.

At Ticknall And Derby we do it all in house. We have an integrated design and build team. The team are there to help you with your remodeling project. They will start from the draft and design stages and continue all the way through until the project is completely finished and you are satisfied with the result. t

We have many years of experience in designing and constructing everything from houses to office blocks.

When you join with us our Design Team Will:

  • Sit down with you and plan your project face to face, to ensure we get the basics right.
  • They will then run an analysis of what the project needs
  • Look up any local and legal requirements for you
  • They will then analyse the financials of the project
  • Make some sketches and drawings of the project
  • Make sure that all of the required materials are purchased or on order ready for when needed.

You will be assigned a Project Manager who will deal directly with you, right from initial design through to the end of building clean-up. Because you have one point of contact then the details of your project are always secure and are not going to get lost when been passed from salesperson to project manager to work crew. We always provide clear and fully detailed estimates and upon request, we are quite willing to provide you with references for our work quality, our craftsmanship and of course our reputation.

When it comes to the estimates, design and the budgeting our main aim is to offer you reasonable cost estimates as early in the procedure as we can so that we decrease the chance of any surprises as the project progresses. Our focus is on creating a solid and rewarding relationship with you as we work together for designing and building your property.

Whether you want to utilise the original design bid build strategy or our design build strategy, our experienced teams are able to offer you a number of solutions. Services we offer include:

  • Both Structural Design Services and also Interior Design Services
  • Open Space Planning/ Heating and Air Conditioning Design
  • Plumbing, Electrical and Fire Protection Systems Design
  • Project Scheduling
  • Budgeting and Value Engineering

We were the original creators of, and still use, the studio approach of providing you with all of the most effective specialised solutions. We have employed personnel from different backgrounds and with different fields of expertise and then developed an environment which allows us all to learn from our experiences, both old and new. In one year, our teams of specialised design personnel come into contact with experiences that it would take more than five years for a standard architect to come in contact with.